Tuesday, 24 August 2010

granite dress

My first dress made from basic pattern. The photoshoot took place in an extraodinary place- thearter that burned down in 30s in Derby. It had a massive fence around it, so had to climb over and hope that police wouldnt come, was rather creepy.
I experimented with a batique technique (wax on fabric, which leaves marks on the fabric after its dyed) and dyed it black, however after all i realized, that it was polyester- which shouldn't be dyed, so it went wrong. However it was a fortunate mistake, as it gave fabric a much more interesting effect, rather than the normal effect batique should've had (black with white lines), like when penecilin was discovered (but we're not gonna go into that).
The look of the fabric was inspired by granite stone- grey with chaotic yet orgonized lines- wonder of nature.

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